Human Pincushion…


Annual bloods are for me extremely nervewrecking..

In fact, I do not know anyone who runs towards the needle screaming ..”Bleed me!!!”

So it is very normal to postpone this..but since I am almost a year overdue (how ridiculous is that), I finally decided to put on my big girls panties and headed off with a chocolate in one hand and my son for backup.

This is a new doc, and so far he has been super.. well, I have been to him a few times over a span of a year. So not much he can fuckup in that time, until now…

Taking blood is not his thing. It just isn’t. At all. He cannot even pretend to have any skill when it comes to the removal of blood from the human body. I have three puncture wounds one in each elbow crease and the third one being in my wrist to prove it.


I wobbled out of there, not sure which arm hurt more and told him not to call me, I will call him.

He laughed because he thought I was joking.


Got in the car and my boy smiles and promptly offers me a rock. On the rock it says ‘laugh’  —  apparently it was in a basket at the Docs rooms  labeled “Free, take one” . So he took 4.


It made me laugh. I forgot about the stupid failed test for a moment and was actually very grateful for having this incredible child in my life.

I love this boy!!

Not sure how many bruises this day will reveal, but at least I can still laugh about the silly things in life, like my boy stealing a bunch of free rocks from the Doctor’s rooms.