The Weakest Link…


There is nothing glamorous about small business.

It is HARD work and requires nerves of steel.

I am not scared of hard work, each day I welcome the tasks with gusto and am always willing to go the extra mile. I enjoy the challenges of each new project and oversee all projects as they go from design to completion to billing.

My passion for the work is plentiful and always trying to think of new ways to improve our systems and workflow.

Clients – this is the double edged sword. This is where I fumble. As much as I know that they are the lifeblood of any small business with mine being no different as I depend on clients and therefore make every effort to look after them — They also require nerves of steel and broad shoulders to carry the weight of it all.

Most of my clients are amazing, I laugh with them, assist where I can and love the work. I put little gold stars next to their names and during my monday meetings I show the bossman a report of love and happiness with their names on it.

But there is another list , there are no gold stars here.. I draw little turds next to their names and one by one I delete them from our books as we either fire them or hand them over. These are the clients that drain me emotionally and think that they can do whatever the fuck they want because obviously my time and effort means fuckall in their lives. I wake up each morning just so that I can wipe their asses. And payment? why bother.. the shitty toilet paper in my hands is payment enough, of course.


End of last year, I implemented a new structure in billing, I added interest to outstanding and after 30 days you get switched off… THIS HAS WORKED AMAZINGLY! I have finally got closure on most of my outstanding clientele and their turds have turned to gold stars.

However, some people are not as happy, lol.

Yesterday , the office received a threatening phonecall , indicating that we are all going to get fucked up. No amount of reasoning that without payment they will not be switched on actually got through to them.I had to laugh at the insanity of it all.

And it got me thinking.. Do these people go to shops, take what they want and walk out without paying too?? Is this not equivalent to shoplifting? Demanding free stuff   or else  they will fuck the store manager up?

How many small businesses out there have experienced a similar exchange? And how do they deal with it?

For me, I just wrote it all down and will open a police case if they do it again, but with immediate effect they are fired and got more than turds drawn next to their name.

Where do we get to say NO MORE!!!! …..???


How much abuse must the small business person take because the client is throwing a tantrum??

I am a person,  a face behind the call, the heart behind the business. I am not here to abused because your day was rough. I do not work for free and you do not own me because you pay for services that you use.


This is me putting my foot down and saying NO MORE!


So lets all play nice and get along, the nicer you are.. the more I am inclined to do. The more shit you give, the more turds next to your name.