Whisper me your Love…


Sex, Love and Swings..

These are the some of the things that make the relationship wheel turn, but there is that bastard called communication that can truly make or break our happiness with the significant other.

In the beginning, the sex and newness of each other is enough to weather most storms. But once the dust settles, the toilet seat no longer gets put down and the cooking is more a la ringandbring than a la carte.

This is where the communication is king. This is where it gets tricky. Because we think talking to each other is what is solely meant as communication. So we blah blah blah till one of us falls asleep and truth be told, nothing really gets better.

Being verbal is not the only form of communication. There is the language of love.. not boinky-boinky love (although this is very very important!) , I am talking about how you express your love to each other.

We all have our own love language…


What is this LOVE LANGUAGE?

I am so glad you asked!

We all speak love differently. For instance, I might express my love with kisses and cuddles and public displays of affection. And the husband might express his love by servicing the car or replacing all the lightbulbs around the house.

Both of these are excellent forms of love languages. However, the problem comes in that we may not be understanding what we are so desperately saying to each other.

I am screaming my love to him, but he does not see it because I am not saying it to him in his language. So He feels unloved, neglected and hurt. And Vice Versa.

Because let’s be honest : He can rotate the tyres all he wants, I am waiting for him to rotate me 😛

How to get through this language barrier?? Take the time to find out what each others love language is and firstly – recognise what is being said and secondly – attempt to converse back.

It is difficult, it is going to take some effort from you both. But the rewards are many and you may surprise yourself how much more you enjoy your relationship.

Because there is nothing better in this world than being with someone who speaks your language, who ‘gets’ you. Someone who is your person.

And if all else fails , if languages don’t come easy, boink till you understand each other better… you are in it for the long haul, so just keep going till it works.



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