Did it…


I only know two people who enjoy the Monday, ONLY TWO!

And in my personal opinion, they are certifiable!

Who can honestly enjoy a day that is forced upon you with pending demands from Friday, the first day after a weekend that is too short and the one day that Murphy and all his evil kanonies come out and play??

*hands up*

heart monday

I know, madness right??

Of course, there will be bitching and moaning from me about how Monday has made me her bitch, I will groan as my phone jingles out a tune at 6am Monday morning – telling me that it is time to wake the boy for school.

But the honest-to-goodness truth is that my alarm didn’t wake me. I was awake at least an hour before it was.

The night before I am already prepping my ToDo list in my head. Looking forward to starting a fresh new sheet and collating my achievements of the week before.

I secretly heart Monday <3

The first day of the week, an opportunity to tackle the things I did not get through the week before. The routine of work grounds my mind, reboots my progress and allows me little successes in an otherwise tumultuous existence.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday , I struggled a bit in the beginning..but the chocolate helped.