Santa Shoebox Project 2014


When I was little, about 5 years old, Christmas was held on the rooftop of Flamingo Court with all the other underprivileged kids of the building.

I was one of them.

We were blessed by a local church outreach program and they handed out a pressie for each and every one of us. I treasured my Teddy with all my heart and soul for many many years, until it fell apart from all the love.

I am not sure what happened to put us in that position all those years ago, because shortly afterwards we moved to a lovely house with dogs and a fence and and and. I am the youngest of too many kids and in hindsight  I think my parents were probably going through some tough times for a period back then.

Here I am today, and that moment of kindness has stuck with me.

So last year when I heard about the Santa Shoebox Project   – I obviously  JUMPED at the chance to pledge a box to a child. To give a smile to a little guy(or girl). This is what makes life worthwhile. AND It gave ME huge pleasure to do. So in effect, I was really a selfish Brat by doing it.  🙂

And this year is no different. I have made my pledge and will take time in putting in each and every item with love so that when it is opened on Christmas day, the love will come through and it will make a memory for someone for many years to come.

Go on.. I urge you to pay it forward. Pledge a box today!!


A little about Santa Shoebox Project:

The Santa Shoebox Project is an initiative of the Kidz2Kidz Trust (IT2671/2009). The Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO-930031301), a Non Profit Organisation (NPO 102-098), a Level Four B-BBEE Contributor and has Section 18A status.

The Santa Shoebox Project originated in Cape Town and has grown in leaps and bounds, with the number of Santa Shoeboxes growing from a humble 180 boxes in 2006 to a record 118 274 in 2013. The boxes are distributed to more than 1000 recipient facilities, through more than 60 satellites around South Africa and Namibia. The success of the Project can largely be attributed to its personal nature – donors give gifts to children whose names, ages and genders are known.

Their aim is to  collect and distribute 100 000 Santa Shoeboxes to underprivileged children around South Africa and Namibia.ssb

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