Dragged out …


It is has been a very trying period for me. The past few weeks have had me questioning life, faith, humanity and most of all people.

People are the biggest disappointment ever. This is not news to you, I am sure. But even I could not slap on a smile to hide my true feelings of distaste, annoyance and plain disgust for it all.

It was no ONE thing, In all honesty, I cannot even begin to pinpoint the moment that made me so bitter,angry and retreat within myself, licking my wounds and refusing to engage. The change in me was so subtle, yet so swift.


The dark cloud has been following me everywhere and when my body succumbed to the flu a week ago, I dare say it did it with open arms because at least there was an excuse for not being forced outside.

But it is time for me to shake this and move on. I cannot continue hating the world forever. Can I?

Can I???!!!??


Demmit, No, I CAN NOT!

(I suppose)

So I am going to endeavour to stop growling at people when they get too close and force myself to engage with others at least once a day… in person.


I wish I knew how to start living again in a positive and friendly manner.. aah fuckit, who am I kidding?? I was never all that friendly and positive to begin with, but this is a whole new level of pessimistic anti social, even for me.

So if you seen me, ignore the blank stare, appreciate the grunt for the friendliness it strives for and drag me out of this shell of hermit like stasis, kicking and screaming.