Samsung Microwave Review – #MissionSamsung


Mission Report

Over the past few weeks, I have put the Samsung Microwave Smart Oven through a serious of tests, over and above the challenges given to me and the results were exceptionally pleasing.

The first challenge put to me by Samsung, was the Pizza Challenge.

This was a HUGE hit by the menfolk, who absolutely loved the pizza.

They were very impressed by how crispy the crust was. Crispy Crusty Pizza is not what you normally expect when cooking in a microwave.

Of course, I enjoyed trying the auto fermentation feature when making the dough, having never made pizza dough before, the Auto Fermentation feature halved the prescribed resting time.

This time saving feature is very important when confronted with hungry wolves, of course.



The second challenge given to me by Samsung. was to either use the slim fry feature or bake cookies.

As a lover of all baked goods, it was a no brainer which one I would do first. In the blog post, there is a video of just how Quick & EASY it was!!

Mere minutes from the moment I rolled the cookie dough till the final result which was a crispy, delicious cookie. Oh, but a word of warning.. if the cookie monster hears you are baking cookies using the Samsung Smart Oven, it may come try steal yours too!!! Cheeky pest. 😛

Cookie monster gives the thumbs up!


In addition to these challenges, I needed to know two very important things, how energy efficient is the Samsung Smart Oven? And can the hoodlums of the household successfully operate it with ease?

Energy usage was fabulous. In comparison to using the oven, the Samsung Microwave used approximately 30% less electricity when the convection/grill feature was used when compared to normal oven cooking. And of course the microwave functions were far more efficient when doing normal steaming of vegetables or cooking noodles. This got a 5/5 star rating for me.

So how did the hoodlums handle the oven? I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they found their way around the settings. There were only a few occasions that the instruction book was needed as they cooked noodles, warmed food, made popcorn, scrambled eggs and so forth in the microwave.

It is amazing how quickly young men adapt to new technology, especially when the functions are set out before them are easy to follow. I followed this up by asking them what they thought of the microwave and there was a general appreciation for it. I had to laugh as they looked for an app to use the microwave with SexyG’s Samsung S5. Hahahahahaa!!! *shakes head*

There was one very interesting feature they looked for, expecting it to be a standard feature in new technology: The Mute!!  They wanted to know why do microwave ovens not have a mute function? As teenage boys love to pull all nighters, using the microwave is a very noisy affair when everyone is sleeping and they wanted to know why it is that all the microwave ovens have to beep so loud!!!
Something for developers to perhaps tackle on the next revision?

#MissionSamsung has been amazing. I loved every minute of it, as it challenged and encouraged me to try new things using the microwave as opposed to just warming and boiling milk for the cappuccinos.

As the review is now officially over, and it is time to hand the Samsung Microwave back, I have the sads. 🙁 I get the feeling she does not want to leave me any more than I want her to go back to that cold dark box. She does a rotate each time I walk into the kitchen, It is love. #truestory

We are going to miss the little Kitchen Helper!! She has been invaluable at dinner time and I just do not know how I am going to handle going back to cooking in the oven and using my old microwave who is a clumsy dinosaur in comparison.

My only hope is that I am selected by the lovely people over at Samsung to consider letting her stay with me!

So wish me much luck while the ten of us sit here with bated breath to see who wins the opportunity to keep her!!

#pickmepickme *waves hand in the air*!!!

*fingers crossed*