Fabulously 40…


So THAT happened…

I turned the fabulous age of four point oh and survived. There were tears (not mine) and there were cheers (mostly mine) and it all went out swinging with Elvis who refused to leave the building.

There may or may not be a video of my soirée with Elvis…:P Shhhhhhh!!!


Ok, So I was completely messed up leading up to this day. Apprehensive as hell as it means the end of very important decade of change. The years between 30 and 40 were big ones. Pain, growth and change with some acceptance thrown in for balance.

What does the next ten years have in store for me?

  • Perhaps it isn’t too late to shine my star bright in the sky?
  • Perhaps I will finally get through my project of me?
  • Perhaps this is where I stop the madness from entering my personal space?

Who knows?? All I do know for certain, is that I am ready to grow, love and push through all that life has in store for me. Warts and all.

I am not saying that I am not scared shitless for what lies ahead, I am just saying that I am ready to take it all on.

Stay Fabulous everyone,