Home Made Pizza with Love.. #missionsamsung


So The first challenge that was set before me is as follows:

1. Make a pizza (from scratch) using the all-intelligent Samsung Smart Microwave Oven

2. Share the pizza with friends/family/mailman.

Easy Peasy! 🙂

Now since this will be my very first attempt at making Pizza dough, I asked all my facebook friendlies for recipes and also ideas to put on the pizza.

The feedback was amazing. THANK YOU ALL!

I finally settled on adapting a recipe from my good friend Davy who also happens to be a cook/chef extraodinaire with a flair for the dramatically pleasing.

You can find his original recipe here.

And then for the toppings, I did a final consult with the men of the house and the only ingredient that everyone could agree on was bacon. So this was the primary anchor.

Which resulted in various pizza toppings to suit everyone’s palate!

So let’s get cracking shall we!

Dough Recipe (adapted from Davy)


185ml  Tepid Water (room temperature)

One heaped teaspoon of sugar (I used white)

270g White Bread flour

10g Dry Instant Yeast

20ml Olive Oil

One level teaspoon of Salt

Method – Step One

I dissolved the sugar in the water using a teaspoon. Stirring till the water was clear.

I then added the dry yeast and two tablespoons of the bread flour. Mixing with a fork till it was almost lump free.

Let it stand for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes there should be a foamy top. If there isn’t, then redo from scratch using clean utensils.


Step Two

Add the balance of the flour, salt and oil.

Mix this with a mixer if you have or use a wooden spoon like I did. Combine  – then start kneading it  for about 10 – 15 minutes.

It should be smoothish and slightly springy. Add flour or water as needed.

I used my granite counter top for this but you can use a mixer if you prefer.

Place back in the bowl, cover with clingwrap and I then rest the dough using the Auto Fermentation feature (dough proof) of the Samsung Smart Oven.

Select the Auto Fermentation button once, then turn the knob till you see 1-1 on the display and press start.

The clever little oven then ran through a series of events which are above my knowledge pack, but I do know it almost halved my ‘rest’ time and the result was double the size of pizza dough!


Step Three

Once the dough is done proofing <–lol! Then remove from the bowl and beat down – knead for one or two minutes.

I made three pizza bases from this recipe so split the dough in three balls.

Now grab your rolling pin (or wine bottle) and get flattening. Roll out your bases in preparation.



Step Four

Place the Crusty Plate on the low rack and preheat the Convection Oven by pressing the FAST PREHEAT button, select 200°C and click start. Once it has reached temperature it will beep and continue to hold the temperature for a further 10 minutes.

Prepare your base for the oven:

I used store bought tomato & basil sauce with big dollops of fresh garlic to coat my base with.  I smothered each base with this mixture.

Once the oven has reached temperature, remove the Crusty Plate and lay the base on it. CAUTION: HOT, USE GLOVES!

The Crusty Plate blew my mind. I will explain a little more later on why. Hint:  it is a fabulous little item!!



Step Five


For the first pizza I added mozzarella cheese, bacon, mushroom, cherry tomatoes (halved), calamati olives.

I layered it all on top and then placed the Crusty plate back in the oven, on the low rack and selected the CONVECTION button, 200°C. I turned the Dial knob and chose 15 minutes. ( as it is a thin base pizza ). I would recommend 20 minutes for thicker bases.


After 15 minutes, there was a lovely BEEP telling me to come look at what’s cooking 🙂

I tossed a few rocket leaves on top and it was ready to eat!!


*** Deliciously crispy base with perfect toppings ***


The guys here were too impatient to wait 15 minutes each for their pizzas.. hungry manwolf bunch that they are.. so I decided to test the microwave convection side of the little Samsung marvel in conjunction with the crusty plate and VOILA!!  MICROWAVE + CONVECTION button , set to 200°C  and turn the Dial to 6 minutes. Some of them I put in for 8 minutes depending on the toppings.  I am pleased to announce that they all came out crispy, cooked and DIVINE!

The Crusty plate is a marvel. It not only cooked the base to perfection but there was no sogginess or soft spots. !!! This is definitely the best way to make Pizza.. #truestory . I feel like a MASTERCHEF!!!

*dance of joy*

Stay tuned for the next challenge where I will test more of the features of the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven 🙂