Bottoms Up, Boklam #MWW2014



Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to come taste some deliciously squashed fermented grapes at the Mercury Wine Week @ Suncoast.

Now I am not a wine connoisseur by anyone’s standards and actually consider myself more of a casual wine drinker, but I had an absolute BLAST!

All the stands were EXTREMELY helpful in explaining the different wines and recommending choices according to me taste.


Hahaha!!! The more we walked and tasted, the closer the ground became, the friendlier everyone seemed and higher the pitch of my voice appeared to go.

Thank goodness Checkers was there with all the lovely cheese samples. The Indo Chilli Cheese gave me the tongue warm up I needed to get through the second half of the journey.

I was introduced to some lovely little unique numbers such as the Simonsvlei Toffee Chunk Syrah and the Cafe Culture Coffee Mocha. These two were quite surprising indeed.

The people there were truly amazing. A friendly face was at every stand and I learnt soooo much about wine. You may even say, I am now all knowledged up!

There was a wine tasting class, but I was too late to be included in the actual festivities. However, I snooped in the back and heard him explaining the difference between drinking wine from crystal glasses as opposed to drinking from styrofoam. ..uhm. Well at least he didn’t bring up the silver baggy sipping aka the bluff handbag. *snort*

My Favourite Wine??

If you arm wrestled me to the ground, tickled me till I screamed and held my happy pants hostage, I would admit to having a favourite wine. It is undoubtably the Middlevlei Momberg ..but shhhh! Don’t tell everyone or I wont be able to get my hands on it anymore.

Oh, And if you go this year (which you SHOULD!!) then don’t forget to pop on over to the photo booth in the back, but leave that till last.. you know, when things are a bit more funny 😛


Happy Wine fun everyone!