Challenge — Accepted! #missionsamsung


Oooooh!!! Samsung have challenged me and nine other bloggers!

They have a 3 missions lined up for us whereby we are going to put this Samsung Smart Microwave Oven through its paces.

And PACE it I shall.. I shall program, deprogram, reprogram..there will be strenuous accessory testing and function analyses such as  cook, defrost and autocook..and if it does not behave — I will twist  knobs. I actually look forward to some knob twisting to be honest.

preparing for the first mission

Look at me, acting all braveface with knob twisting threats. When I am  actually slightly intimidated by the other challengers, all of them are brilliantly awesome and definitely up for the task. Therefore, I will have to pull rabbits, ducks and perhaps a lazy tiger from my hat!  (See the full list of bloggers here  )


as my one crazy friend suggested, I could flash my boobs?


I think perhaps I should leave the boob flashing for later 😉

So here is how it works:

There are 6 Challenges, involving 60 bloggers who will all be asked to complete 3 missions each in order to stand a chance to win a Grand Prize.
I am in the 3rd Challenge. and MY mission is clear… well, mostly. All I know for certain, is  that there is Pizza on the menu for now.. yummmy!

But Stay Tuned for the detailed  account of me attacking the first part! It won’t be perfect, but it will be FUN.. and I promise not to pull any hair 😉