So much horror out there these days, there were a few times I almost gave up on humans altogether this week alone.

But I did not. I took a deep breath, I was reminded that there will always be atrocities in the world and that I cannot fix it all, no matter how much I want to.

This is why I do not read newspapers, have a tv antenna or subscribe to weekly magazines. Media always focuses strongly on the negative.

 bad people bad media

Thanks to my girlfriends for the giggles and apologies to those whom I snarled at.

There are moments of madness in us all, but as I discovered this week, all you need to do is voice your emotion and your net of friendlies will rally around you and remind you of what is important.

For me what is most important is family. I love my family with all my heart and soul. There is never a moment that I do not think about them. They are my reason for existing. I wake up each morning just so that I say good morning to my loves. I get dressed just so that I do not scare the kids at the breakfast table, I work so that I can provide for them.

For those that I do not see everyday, my heart misses them with the might of 5 million stampeding horses. And they are extremely difficult to tame, so there are times I will gush my love to them.

The second most important factor in my life is my girlfriends. Not in the lets get naked and jiggy-jiggy way (although at times the convo/party gets extremely vagitarianish if we are not careful)  but more in a wine-chocolate-laugh-cry-scream-squeel-bailmoney kind of way. Without them, life would be dull and boring and mostly leghump free.

So today I am saying THANK YOU. Without all of the above, I would be a naked, sad and boring unemployed mess that doesn’t get up in the morning.