I did an awful thing…


SexyG is your all round super friendly guy, he will smile and wave at everyone and even stop and chat with you if you are so inclined.

~~ I am not ~~

This is not a bad way to be, it is nice to be with such a positive spirit while I mumble at the moon.

And normally, I just roll my eyes and go with the flow.

Today, I did a terrible thing.

We have a crazy women a few houses up from us. urrgh! She is a nasty piece of work. And I have, on two separate occasions, had to tell her NOT to hurl abuse at my son as he longboards along the road. She is also known for her screaming at neighbourhood dogs/cats and falling leaves as well as also shouting obscenities at other passersby with racial slurs etc.

Needless to say, I have a deep dislike for her.

HOWEVER, she waves at SexyG and has taken to try be friends with him. Oi vey! He does not want to be mean to her and waves back and even greets her when she stops him in the road.

I like to tease him about it.. hahaha!


Until today. I feel really bad. And need to make it up to him.  I may have to flash boobs and whatnot.

Let me explain, we were driving home, and as we drove past her place we spotted her outside and SexyG mentioned that he will probably have to wave at her.


SexyG : But I will have to, I can’t be rude?

Me: Not while I am in the car.. She is a mean racist !

SexyG : But?

Me: Do it and we will have problems…

How AWFUL of me!!!  I am a terrible person for forcing my opinions on him. SexyG is a nice guy.. and I made it impossible for him to do anything else except ignore her.


It is easy to fall into the trap thinking that he must love who I love and hate who I hate. This is not fair on him or me. He is entitled to have a varied stance on public relations that differs from mine.

I will need to work on my temper and forcefulness in future, in the meantime I have some boob flashing to get to.