Picking and Choosing…


So the husband asks me yesterday for my birthday wishlist.. and my first response is “my girlie figure”

he laughs, waves to the pc and says, “give me a text document with your wants/needs for me to choose from”.


making lists

I am aware he will only probably only choose ONE or TWO items on my list, but making the list is awesome and oh so random!

I added fabulous items and mundane items and even a chilli tree. (ALSO -> check out this handbag,  I LOVE IT)

Being a HUGE fan of the birthday celebration, the sleeps are being counted and the dreams never stop.

Pushing aside all thoughts of the milestone I am about to kick over and just enjoying the moments leading up to it instead.

This is pretty much my whole attitude on most things these days, I am kicking the madness to the side while I enjoy the moment right here, right now.

Stay fabulous *everyone!!!!!!



*unless your name is Hairyknuckle and Arsfuk, then you can just get fuck off, thanks.