And even here in the light,

this beautiful warmth on my skin..

I cannot see the road.

Left? or Right?, I panic,

there is a sound, half weep, half croak.

Was that me? or is my mind a trick?

I continue along, paying no heed,

 I walk, mostly stumble, even sometimes a creep.

I still cannot see the road.

I know it is there!! ,

can feel the hardness beneath my feet,

can smell the must in the air.

Left? or Right?, I continue to go,

is this the correct path,

am I lost? I do not know.

I was told there would be light.

I was assured that all would show.

But here I stumble, lost,

with fear in my heart and uncertainty in my soul.

But GO, I do, there is no other way,

I tried to stop, I tried to stay.

And in that moment, I knew then,

that what was, what has been,

will never ever be again…