Four Point Oh




With only 40 days to go before I reach the all consuming major age milestone of 40, I cannot help but feel the panic set in.

  • I want to rush out and get a drastic hair cut, dye my hair shocking pink.
  • I want to make an appointment at a LIPO clinic to suck the fat out of my arse.
  • I want to run screaming into the hills.

but instead I ordered fresh contact lenses and put my tiara on.

Yes, this milestone has me slightly (EXTREMELY) panicked, but honestly there is not much I can do about this ageing thing except count my blessings of which I have many:

  • No grey hair (yet)
  • Good health
  • Brilliantly awesome kids
  • A loving husband
  • Work for an awesome company
  • Food in the fridge and heat in the geyser
  • I can laugh at least once a day
  • AND most importantly!!! I have a kickass birthday party to PLAN!!!!

In the meantime send nonfat-lowsugar-cardboardreplica chocolates, hugs, happy thoughts and legwarmers 🙂