Screaming Silence…


It has been Five days…


  • Five Days of  Fun
  • Five Days of queuing for the loo
  • Five Days of  rustling TEN odd people
  • Five Days of trying to organise the chaos
  • Five Days of noise
  • Five Days of laughter
  • Five Days of crazy
  • Five Days of giggles
  • Five Days of screams
  • Five Days of teasing
  • Five Days of worrying what is for breakfast/lunch/dinner (for the ten odd ppl)
  • Five Days of seemingly unending dishes
  • Five Days of FAMILY

.. and now all that is left behind is silence so loud it screams.


It has only been a few hours since everyone left and already all the craziness is forgotten and they are all missed. 🙁

So now we all resume our normal programming until we see each other again. Which wont be too long if I have anything to do with it.

Well, at least long enough for some of us to recover from the physical wounds of Paintball, the toilet to stop crying every time we walk past, the neighbours to recover from the noise and my wallet to recover from the abuse.

But right after that!! We are ready to ROCK and ROLL!