The Hunger Games — IRL


Having never watched a single second of this or read the book… This story is probably not what you think it is.

I have just embarked on a strict regime of semi starvation, and extreme exercise .

the vet diet

Shit got real people.

I am getting old.

This is not a drill.

I thought I was OK with hitting the fourpointoh but it turns out that I am in fact not.

The closer the day looms, the weirder my mind goes and the more I panic.

What is it about this specific date that makes me feel this way? So out of control and afraid?

So this is me trying to get my thoughts, my focus and my life under control by removing all the things that make me feel good. Ironic, eh?



I am keeping a very personal diary of actual weight lost and muscle growth and hopefully by the time my birthday rolls around, I won’t resemble an elephant in my tutu but instead more of a delightful drunken drama queen in a tiara.

*hold thumbs*