Picking Favourites…


We all have our favourite colour, blankie and coffee cup..

.. yes.

And as a family you will have a collective favourite.. like a family tv show that you all sit around to watch or the very much coveted lounge chair that results in flying elbows and much pushing and shoving to get there first.. to watch the favourite family tv show, of course!

You know what I mean πŸ˜‰

And of course, there is the favourite meal… you know, the one that makes EVERYONE pop in the kitchen when you are cooking..?!?!


Yes that one!!

The constant questions as to what time dinner will be and of course the loitering next to the stove as if standing there will speed up the cooking process.

HAhahahaha.. yes. That favourite of all meals that you know will guarantee that all will be devoured. NO little stragglers left on the plate, no need to tell them about the starving children in africa, no prompting whatsoever.

I am sure we can even hide brussel sprouts in it and they wouldn’t even notice as they inhale each and every morsel on the plate. <–there’s an idea!

Here in my home the family favourite is none other than ….Curry.

Curry anything… preferably with bread (bunnychow style) but truth be told they are not really fussy how it comes, as long as it does.


The mere hint of it will render them drooling and offering assistance.

It is such a crazy phenomenon and I am amazed that this spicy meal has such an impact on these weird male individuals in my care.

If I want ANYTHING DONE.. I hint that it is curry night and eyes light up and they instantly engage with me.

This comes in handy as a tool to get things done. Because with these grown assed boys in the house, getting any damn thing done is a exercise of frustration. They will punch each other until one of them caves and does the chores. But not without a severe case of whining and moaning about the injustices of their considerably long suffering lives to go along with it. Often, I spend more time refereeing and rolling my eyes than I do anything else.

I am surprised I am not sporting a full head of grey already.It seriously astounds me each and every morning when I look in the mirror and hear the guys tussling over who is doing what.

Chore lists are useless.. this is just something else to fight over really.

So back to what I was talking about.. leverage! (And you thought this was about curry πŸ˜‰ )

Sometimes we moms have to do what we have to do.. to get what we want done, quickly, quietly and properly. And my current weapon is Curry!!

So tell me then, what is yours?