Handy tip..for your tips


Most of you know how much I love love love nail art.. 🙂


Not my nails.. but look how pretty!!!

But what I may not have told you is my insane inability to keep the damn polish on the nails looking good for more than a few hours before it chips, peels AND that is if I manage to get them to dry before smudging it!!


It is probably because I am always doing dishes, cleaning, typing, making things and of course my serious impatience waiting for them to dry coupled with my insane need to pee the moment I have done my nails.. yeah.

So I have resigned myself to just doing my nails more often and touch up when I can.


Finally, I can dry my eyes and enjoy the sexy nails for longer 🙂

I saw this tip on pinterest or somewhere (I forget) and so far it is working like a maddafakka!!

Want to know how to keep your nails chip free for longer??

It is as simple as swiping your nails with vinegar before you apply your base coat!

I know.. crazy simple right? Have absolutely no effing idea how it works or whatnot but I am on day 7 and still no chips 🙂

Try it!! and let me know if you do and how it works for you.

Chat soon!