Ogre in da house…


What is the one thing in life that is guaranteed, besides death and taxes??

That assholes will always attract assholes… of course.

My reason for mentioning this is because Arsfuk has this latest girlfriend, I know.. crazy hey? (I wonder how long this one will last before he cheats on her or she runs away as well.)

So anyway this one is a real doozy <–like a  floozy but she drinks more. I have mentioned her before over here..

Ordinarily I do not care about his armfluff, they are a dime a dozen and are most welcome to whatever it is they think they have there. But this one is just looking for kak.



For the purpose of this story, I will call her Ogre, mostly due to her personality and attitude. Honestly, I am not quite sure what she looks like, nor do I actually care..lol.

What I do care bout is that Ogre has been quite a bitch to my youngest, making jokes intimating that he isn’t family as well as making it abundantly clear to him that he is not welcome there “at her house”.

It has been going on for a few weeks now and I have tried to resolve it, but you know how hard it is to speak to mentally challenged people.. there is just no reasoning with them.

I phoned them on friday, my child wanted to spend the weekend there and Ogre had her tits all twisted about him not being allowed to spend the weekend with his dad.. I mean.. WHAT SHIT IS THIS?? Perhaps she needs to check her meds??!!?  She proceeded to shout and swear me on the phone…


Yes, I was ready to swing her by her motherfucking ankles and release her on the third turn just to see how far she flies without her broomstick.

Thankfully, I had a few minutes to calm down before I got there, and my purpose went from KILL_KILL_KILL to let us all just sort this shit out.

Unfortunately, she refused to come out, sent the ex out alone where he proceeded to just uhm and aah, pretending to know nothing about nothing.

It was mostly “ogre this and ogre that” .. seems she has him properly whipped.<– Good for her and all that.

However, I will fucken kill her if she says one more thing to my child about him going there. I told the ex this and made him understand in clear and concise words that I was not fucken kidding either. He completely understands now. COMPLETELY.

When I returned on Sunday to fetch my boy, she came out.. I didn’t know it was her.. it was dark and I only heard this voice attempting to get my attention. IMHO, she had her chance to talk on Friday, so I told her to go away. Doubt she expected that because she continued to try talk to me until I said:

“Listen, I don’t want to talk to you, just go away now.. yes, shoo off. Good, just like that”

she mumbled something further and I just said..”happy for you”

I do not care for assholes who fuck with my kids. The ex knows this. My kids know this.. she has just found out.

I am not completely unreasonable, she HAD an opportunity to speak to me,on Friday, she decided to hide in the house.. I am not interested in her story now.

She should actually learn to be proper, if she has an issue, then it must be addressed with the parent and he or she will deal with it. Not go all batshit crazy with other people’s children, what right does she think she has? And who in their right mind persecutes a child in this manner??

Besides, Ogre must be helluva insecure if she feels it necessary to drive a wedge between a father and his son. #justsaying