Cafe Vigour, what a nice name… 🙂

Sounds like someone put batteries in the coffee!! ..ehem.

But if you are a local Durban lass, like me.. then you will soon come to experience the yummy delights of this new eatery.

It is based in the heart of Suncoast (next to the slots!!) and it is WELL WORTH THE VISIT!

Cafe Vigour is the first of many to appear at Tsogo Sun Casino’s and looks to become a hot favourite for me 🙂

Glimpse of the menu

Very interestingly, the kitchen is open to the public.. so you can go look at the chef prepare your “Frenchy Toast” or just give them all the general eyeball whilst they do what they do best.. prepare yummy stuff.

Le Decor..

Look how Flippen cool this decor is!!!! You can’t see it proper in this pic but the pressed out words on the ceiling and back board are actually local city names. AND CHANDELIERS.. I do love chandeliers 🙂

Chef Justin Oliver – Look how cute he is, trying to hide the cake table from me!!!!

Chef Justin fought the good fight.. but I WON!!

Chef Justin Doing his Thang..

I took some pics of them preparing the sampler plates for us.. they served french toast, mini pizza’s, a wrap and true to form, there was a mini bunny on the tray just for us Durbanites 😛

(I must warn you, it was quite a hot hot curry and I personally think they should put warning flags on them!!)

The atmosphere was quiet  with a ring of excitement (must be the slots next door).

As a nongambler aka doesnotpullonearmedbandits, this is a perfect spot to chill while the others pull on the lever’s, push buttons, spin wheels and whatever it is that people at casino’s do.

I would definitely recommend you go visit Chef Justin at Cafe Vigour. Just watch out for the bite in the bunny 😛