Some things in life are allowed to be dirty..

  • Your Mind
  • The Garden
  • Your Jeep

but for most things in life, you need to maintain cleanliness, a modicum of neatness and a general non bio hazardous lifestyle.

This is not negotiable, as shit will fall off if you don’t wash it!

Kids tend to completely mess with this ruling, it is like they are blind to dirt. It will just sit there and multiply making little dirt babies until either you deal with it or you burn and start over.

As a mom, there have been moments where I have almost torn my hair out at the mess and chaos that children appear to be oblivious to.


Then there is the “WTF is that?? It is crawling!!..  Quick Catch it!! …NooooooO!!!! Oh my word, please, PLEASE tell me that isn’t my white shirt you are using to pick it up..” scenario’s which are normally followed closely by tears. My tears.


I have since learnt NEVER to look under beds, NEVER to just lift anything up in their rooms and NEVER to open the cupboard doors without first bracing myself for nasty.

And as semi adults, things are slightly better, but I can assure you.. shit will get real for them when they move out.

So one day, in the near future,  if you see me driving along with a HAZMAT suit on, you must know I am visiting one of the delinquents.

With cake of course.. and wine. Both for me.