I have been trying different things lately in the kitchen..

.. not canoodling, more like pasta’ing and  sauce-a-ring!

This weekend with much prodding and poking I shall try my hand at RAMEN. Just for my nephew, the one doing all the poking and prodding,

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. I will make the noodles from scratch and the rest, well.. I will probably just put in whatever I find closest..:P

Apparently this dish is quite popular in all the anime shows. *sigh*

Anime.. Anime and Anime.. what is this Anime, you ask?

Damn ANIME. All the rage with these teenagers! And if you ask me, I will tell you it is semi porno. all those big boobs and short skirts with dopey eyed girls sighing all the damn time!

I have tried to explain to them that in the real world, girls don’t fall on the ground crying over everything, but then had to stop myself when I heard the words coming out of my mouth. LOL! Girls are a little like that, sometimes.. we throw ourselves on the bed and weep at the state of our wardrobe/shoes/hair and the guys stare at us with confusion and fear.

So I have settled to explaining that it is exaggerated nonsense as we don’t have super powers.. AND what do I get for my efforts??

Shrugging and eye rolling.

Kids, think they so damn clever!

*disconnects internet*

let’s see how CLEVER they are now!!! (bastards are probably hacking the wifi as I type, DEMMIT!)

Gotta just love those clever-wifi hacking-anime watching-japanese noodle coveting-little bastards, they make me laugh and my days most interesting. <3