Broken Hearted..


Now we all know how it goes..

Here I sit Broken Hearted,

I went to the loo,

and all I did..

….was farted.

Being a mom of boys and surrounded by adolescent males all day, this is heard more often than I would like. The farts in particular.

But today I am properly broken hearted. With pain in my chest, I am hoping is consumption.. because it couldn’t be my child hurting me like that..Could it??

Isn’t it funny how our kids can go from holding their moms so tight we cannot breath to behaving like complete douchebags.

I currently have a douchebag for a son.. people say it is a phase, and not to worry and he will come around.

Phase?? Being a douchebag is a Phase??


What do we call this phase even?? Should we call it The “lets be cruel and uncaring bastards whilst expecting lots of cash and asslicking” phase?

Honestly, I would never have expected such kak behaviour from him, ever. Ask me a year ago if this is how he would be, and I would laugh at you and say “What?”. Not my boy!!! NEVER!

As it turns out that NO ONE, not even my little pumpkins are safe from this dreaded phase. 🙁

This  phase will be the death of me.. or him, depending on if I can catch him!

I feel like throttling the little fuck! WHO THE FUCK does this little shit think they he is anyway?? Has he forgotten his manners and all compassion for others due to this phase?

Assholes..<– the reality is that all kids can be such assholes. Not all of the time, but there are occasions which have us questioning our birth control choices. This is one of those occasions.

I can only hope that by the time he comes out of this “Phase” that I am not too old and and not too bittered by his actions.