Green with Envy..


Envy is such a bad word, depicting negative and hateful thoughts towards another.

Yet, we are all guilty of it. We leer at others as they may have what we want or wish we could have and may even slap a smile on our faces for the occasion but deep inside we feel the envy sit with arms folded and eyes narrowed in jealousy.

An Example of  ‘Perfect Mom envy

How many of us are guilty of envy when our kids lay around the house for a week during school holidays with no cares in the world while we have to slog off to work? *puts hand up* … what about when someone you know wins lots of competitions??

But ask the kid laying around and he will be oblivious to why you would feel jealous? He is bored. And ask the person who keeps winning competitions and they will say how they win 1 but enter thousands.

At what point do we as people learn to accept that what we covet is perhaps not all it is cracked up to be? That perhaps the gift we truly seek is the gift we own and ignore?

I do wish life was as simple now as it was when I was 16, but I also have come to realise that when I was that age, life was far from simple.

So here is to me not letting the envy of  ‘ kids on school holiday’  get in the way and instead will hand the layabout a broom and watch him embrace a non boring chore list as long as my enthusiasm will allow. <– my gift to him.