Sex Bomb Lush..


I was invited to an opening of the Durban branch of LUSH last night.. and was welcomed by the friendliest fruit hat wearers ever.

Upon entering the teeny weeny shop, I was delighted to see all the extremely FUN and FRESH goodies on display.  There were Sex bombs (I now have one), soap called “honey, I washed the kids – made with honey nogal” and shower jellies that are designed to make you deliriously happy!

I love how clever everything is and mostly I love how everything smells!

The Black stockings – adds colour, shimmer and shine to your skin whilst moisturing.

Dragons Egg – a bath bomb

CoalFace – after a hard day in the coal mine?

All their products are handmade, from fresh/raw products and each package tells you who made it and when. <- cutesy stuff so you can thank them as you lie in the bath like so —>  “TY JUTA FOR MIXING THE SEXBOMB AND ALL”

And as part of my convo  the other day with Big Bee where she told us about her very very nasty friend who needs some extremely thorough cleansing.,. I did an exhaustive search for  THIS SOAP and sadly they don’t seem to stock. Will keep looking 😉

So go take a look for yourself.. LUSH have an online shop as well if you are lazy like me and don’t venture into the shops unless you REALLY REALLY have to!


P.S. I would not mind getting a few of these lovely products from LUSH as a  pressie, Dear Husband of mine.. #notsosubtle