Saw myself in the paper recently, was mentioned as a socialite/celebrity.


I stared at the pic, saw my name in print and smiled. I am not a celebrity, nor am I a socialite but I am someone. I am simply human. A simple human who was with others who are famous someones.

OK, so we are all someone at the end of the day. We all plod along in life and leave behind us a footprint with others and places.

But I have had my moment of fame, and I can honestly say that it felt really nice. 🙂

AND it also means I am one step closer to getting to meet my most favourite celebrity!!!! *dances on desk*

Do YOU know who that celebrity might be???

huh? Huh??

Do you??

IF you know me even just a little then you will most definitely KNOW THIS!!!


I will announce the answer in just a little bit and in the meantime will wait to see if you can guess who it is 🙂