I cannot be blamed for her stupidity..


Last night I received a barrage of angry sms’s.

From my ex-husband’s latest girlfriend


Firstly, why is she smsing me?

Secondly, WTF?

Thirdly, Hahahahaa!!!

So the story goes like this, I am not allowed to drive by and let my son fetch his shirt from his dad’s place without first phoning her and asking HER permission. In fact, I am not allowed to even think about it.

Because it is HER HOME, which she paid for. Therefore, my ex husband has no say in the matter.

And just like that, she emasculated him, took away his balls and put them in a ziploc till he learns to behave, upon which I assume he gets to have them back for a little bit.


Going to be a kak Vday for them I think.