Saying Goodbye..


It is never nice going to funeral’s..Unless you are Irish and having a WAKE, there is no party on the go. No one actually rushes around asking for invitations to funerals..well, normal people anyway.

The reason for this is because there is loss and sadness,there is heartbreak, emotions are raw.

BUT it can also be very therapeutic for the family and friends. Celebrating the life of a loved one, sharing moments past and finally saying goodbye to them.

However, I think it is very important to stress though, that Funeral’s are not a social gathering. It is a place people go to mourn the loss of a loved one. And a time for friends and family to lean on each other in open love and raw grief.

I say this, not because I think you are stupid, but because when I went with SexyG to his Aunt’s funeral last year to say goodbye to  a most beautiful soul, whom we loved, we were both shocked and horrified to discover HairyKnuckle there.

She didn’t even know his aunt and probably saw her once many many years ago at a family lunch? But there she sat, all aplomb like she was besties and all that.

We just sat and stared. 😐


Anyway, she just headed for the eats table afterwards so we didn’t have to deal with her. Thank Goodness for the eats table!!!!


Now next week we unfortunately will be going to another  funeral…..

SexyG’s beloved gran has unfortunately passed on. 🙁

He was extremely close to his gran and often considered her to be his real mom. #truestory
And understandably he is so very sad at her passing. This will a very tough service for him to get through.

What he most certainly does not need  is the appearance of crazy stalker-like exgf added to the equation. Who does?

And in the back of my mind the question lurks.. will the Hairyknuckle be gatecrashing this funeral too?? As she has also met his gran the once or twice.  Does this mean she will be plonked in the pews?

The mind boggles.

Honestly, I hope she isn’t there. It just makes for awkward moments in a time when everyone has their guard down in sorrow.

I will probably ask her to leave if I do see her. Because nobody has energy for this to be honest.

Have a great Thursday all. And remember, free cake is not a good enough reason to gate crash funerals, no matter how delicious it may appear… 😛