Well Played Asshole, well played indeed!



…it had me on my knees.

I survived the craziness and came out stronger and more aware of people in my life. I have a better understanding of who I can trust and who just aren’t worthy of my time. I am able to see where I went wrong and hopefully will not repeat the mistakes again.


2013 may have been an asshole.. but it was our asshole.

Let us not dwell too much on the past and do our ‘bestest’ to look ahead and fly with the unicorns!

So far I have had many of my blocks slot in nicely on the bumpy Tetris like path of January. Not too many obstacles and even though there are still things that make me all SadPanda – I have changed my attitude towards the shit that happens as there will always be shit that happens.

Now the shit will be ignored and left to fertilise my garden.

No resolutions.. No false promises.. No bullshit

Just me, forcing myself to change my attitude towards events and to trust less, work more and love my family/friends without restraint.

Helloo everyone 🙂

Hope you have all had a good holiday and are ready for some kickass fun and games!