ABC’s of 2013


Saw this on Swimming Upstream and obviously just had to give it a whirl ๐Ÿ™‚

(here’s hoping that it is not too PORNO!)

I am going to use my Firefox browser for this as I do most of my stuff on there.

So the object of this exercise is to clear your address bar in your browser and type in your ABCs, keeping in mind that you only enter one letter at a time and then post the corresponding address under the specific letter of the alphabet!

And here is my list:

A – : I use this quite a lot to check the weather so that I can plan my washing days. However, I still get caught by rain. *sigh*ย  The #weatherman always fucken lies.

B – : Because I go there too ..

C – : the only reason this is numero one is because I have spent way too much of my life this past month trying to get their support to .. you know.. Support. No such luck !

D – dcbull**** : a client’s page

E – : local radio station. I go there to enter the comps mostly. Music is ok.. DJ’s act like retards, but this is part of the charm.. no?

F – : this one just types itself. #truestory

G – : reads minds.. completes my sentences and tells me when I make mistakes. #cheekyasshole

H – Hootsuite : I use this to manage my twitter feeds. Very cool app! Google Chrome platform of this is far more stable though.

I – : simply the best movie and series database ..ever!

J – : I try my hand at winning here.. to date, not won anything. #willkeeptrying

K – : This site gives me an idea of how much online influence I have.. currently it laughs when I open it.

L – : Apparently this is facebook for the business person. IMHOย  it has more shameless plugs in it than an old leaky tyre.

M – Mindset Learn : I used this site to assist my son to prep for his Maths during Matric exams this year.. Quite a useful site, if you can speaka the lingo.

N – Network Tools : This is boring work stuff.

O – Outsourced Communications : Social media strategist and friend ๐Ÿ™‚

P – Pinterest : So much of a LOVELY!!

Q – Collivery quote whatnot : can’t!

R – PirateBay : SHHHH!!!!

S – Sterkinekor : Checking what is showing for Date Nights ๐Ÿ™‚

T – Telkom : Fuckers, give me such damn grief!

U – Netrep FB Page : If you know me.. you know why ๐Ÿ˜‰

V -Verb****** : a client’s page

W – Wordnerds Blog : Nerds for Words

X – : I think the husband has been on my pc … ๐Ÿ˜›

Y – YuppieChef : So much of an awesome here. Love the products!

Z – Zo**** : a client’s page

Pretty boring.. sadly no porn to titillate but it is a snapshot into my online habits as they were.

Try it outโ€ฆ you might surprise yourself and drop me a line, comment, tweet or email me if you do!

Would love to see yours! (The stalker is strong in me)