I just cannot wait till the 24th!

It is day one of my four days off that I am being given this year and it will the day I can catch up on some instagramming, pinteresting and tweeting to my hearts desire.

I will also be doing some sewing, woodwork, painting and completing my re-purposed LP room divider 🙂

This will all be done in my happy pants and slippers.

So for now, I am working fast and furiously to get all accounts, work  projects and  loose ends done and dusted so that when the 24th rolls in, I am not worried about things that were left pending. Because this will put a major damper on my calm.

I need a win guys.. I need everyone to play nicely with me for a few days. I want my PC not to freeze while I tab through apps, I want clients to respond to my emails in a prompt and friendly fashion, I want the server to throw me flowers not errors and I want my todo list to be a positive display of checks and smiley faces.

Here is to a kick-ass week and a productive end to a most tumultuous year of change, crazy and challenges.