Delete.. Delete..


Have you ever taken a moment and considered what would happen if you got struck by lightning right now and died?

  • Have you put in place procedures to clean up your facebook/twitter/other social media?
  • Will you be buried or cremated?
  • Will there be a happy memorial or a sad funeral?
  • Do your family/friends/coworkers know where to find the policies/vodka/staplers?
  • AND WHO will delete your browser history?

I know this is all very morbid stuff.. but the past week has been quite a week of death and sadness the world over and it got me thinking.

What impression does my digital footprint bring about regarding me?

For instance: If one of my grandkids log on to the www one day and decide to Google granny (yes Google will still be around)..what will they find!?

Will they discover granny had a propensity to say “fuck” a lot? Will they see that I used humour to hide my hurt?! Or will they discover my love for cake and scifi!??

Thankfully there is no digital account of my youth.. no record of my arrest (oops!) and no witnesses to the bizarre acts of rebellion that I bestowed upon my parents.

So there will be no need to bribe officials and send data destroying viruses out anywhere.. but maybe I should consider perhaps putting into place a “destroy all accounts” command upon my demise.


For now I am going to take this end of year break to update my will, my letters to loved ones and put a copy of my password xls (with instructions on what to do with all social media) in the safe.

This is the time to update all my shit..Get my paperwork in order and stash it in a place that can be found so that when it is all over.. I go out on my terms leaving behind calm/humour/pink balloons and laughter  in an otherwise crazy and emotional time.