Weaker Sex…


I have never considered myself to be a weaker sex.

The only time I think this is relevant is if I am sick and not putting in my A GAME in the bedroom.. And even then I prefer to think of it as ‘downtime’.

When it comes to strength then I am firmly of the position that women are the strongest of the two sexes.

Men may have the natural physical strength that can be enhanced further in the gym, but women carry the world on their shoulder with strength of a million oxen whilst loving their family and friends with fierceness of a momma bear.

There is not much we cannot handle and our emotional strength and tenacity is one that can move mountains by sheer will – and this is why we drink wine.

Wine helps us to keep the overwhelming strength that we naturally have to a manageable level. Because the truth is that we do not always want to be revving in high gear.. we need the quiet that idling brings.(<– see what I did there?? I made a car analogy so that the men can understand)

Cake makes us happy, and Wine makes us laugh 🙂

So the lesson here today is.. give your woman wine and cake before attempting any nonsensical argument or you may find yourself in a world of hurt 😉