I dreamt I won the lotto.

I Woke up soooooo very HAPPY then remembered that I haven’t bought a ticket in years. *bugger*

Maybe this is a sign that I should give it a go? or Perhaps I should take my wine money and give Bingo a chance? Or perhaps slap a donkey or two at the Racecourse?

Truth is that gambling has never been a big TODO for me, and I get bored very quickly pulling on one armed bandits. 😛 *nudge-nudge-wink –wink*

I suppose you could consider competitions as a form of gambling and in that case, I need to book myself into gamblers anonymous!
If I see a competition I immediately check how much PT is involved with entering and proceed to give it a go.

I have entered quite a number of competitions  in the past and of those I have won quite a few of them! However in relation to how many I have entered we are running on the odds on 500-1. Which means that I only win one out of five hundred competitions that I enter!

With odds like that perhaps I should think about either entering more competitions or throwing my hand at a more lucrative form of chance such as the ponies?

What is your gamble of choice??

  1. LOTTO? (national lotto)
  2. BINGO?
  3. ONLINE GAMBLING (such as ?
  4. POKER? (both online and with a club)
  5. FB comps (I do a fair chunk of these tbh)
  7. Other?
  8. You Do NOT Gamble at all?

So I shall run off and buy a LOTTO ticket today, and who knows?  My dream might have been an omen and soon I will be one of those mythical creatures (a financially wealthy individual) <- is there such a thing?

Let’s all hold thumbs!! (or cross nipples, whichever is easier)