Of Unicorns. Bedazzling & me…


Are you listless, mojo at the mechanics or just in the need of some love??


JUST SMS 28566 to 36697 and a Unicorn will snap on a Tutu and bedazzle its magic horn for YOU!!!


wait for it… 😛

If you act now then I will also email you a photo of said Unicorn all bedazzled and shiny..

(rainbow poop is optional extra)

oh and of course I will get a vote in the BOTY 2013 competition look here.

I am not sure that I even have a chance, but my dad always used to tell me.. If you don’t have your dick in the water, you will never catch any fish.

P.S. if you want your very own copy of the bedazzled unicorn photo, just leave a comment and I will email it to you.

P.S.S. No unicorns were hurt in the process.. well not too much anyway.

P.S.S.S. I am all twisted nipples here.