So last night as I walked past. I saw it.

In their eyes, their urgent need to continue. I saw the furious action to proceed. The insane urge to pursue without missing a beat. Hardly taking a moment to breath – and  the driven force to continue.

I give her purpose. I give them purpose. I give them something to busy themselves. Something to talk about. I give them a reason to wake up each day.


Will be bleak for them when the moment arrives and they have no further avenue left to pursue and they will have to move on with their sad lives.

Let them carry on though.  I will just deal with each crazy moment with a calm and collective proactive approach.

Eventually it will end.

And I will just continue as I always have, with my loves, my life, my work and my creative spirit that is years beyond their self centered driven madness, and they will be left, lost and without any purpose. Well, until they find someone else to persecute with the madness of rabid wolves.

All I can say is:

Keep Calm and Carry On