Things I am forced to tackle with:

  • My ex wants my boys to move in with him. Now that they are all grown up, he thinks it will be a breeze. I am extremely concerned. There is still much moulding to do and Arsfuk is the worst type of influence.
  • My BFF had another incident today that reminded me of the fragility of life. Wish I could bubble wrap all my loved ones!
  • Work flow is not as awesome as it should be. Too many disruptions.
  • Payments tend to come in a lot slower than bills.
  • I am supposed to go to CPT for a weekend but not being able to figure out how to get there yet..and my accommodation will expire soon. 🙁
  • I need to get back to gym. Got out of breath far too quickly the other day. My cardio is not what it should be.
  • Waiting for my wedding photo’s is like watching paint dry. But the reality is that I need to still sit down and select which ones I want to have printed once I receive them. So there will be more delay… *sigh*

I love my family, this is my true strength that keeps me ticking each and every day. All my many and varied kids are just beyond awesome and SexyG is my love, my hero, my champion.

(insert smooshy background music and  dancing farting unicorns here)

Anyhoo, Let me get back to work!

You go have yourself a most  fabulous Tickler Tuesday!!

Oh and if you are at the shops. I am running out of bubble wrap. Pick us up a few rolls pls 😛