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It is no secret that weddings are expensive!!!!

Shitball expensive in fact. So I did what any other desperate bride does when there is just zero budget. I made what I could.. and even what I thought I couldn’t.

Let me show you some of the results:


This was the start of it all… Handmade invitations made with gunmetal grey ribbed board, pink ribbon and love.

On the outside - Ribbon tied with name on the top right

On the inside - Main invite card which I designed on the left and two matching cards with envelope in a pocket on the right


I designed a double sided Lollipop type program.

– a puzzle and a thank you on the back with the program and wedding party deets on the front.. πŸ™‚

Pink ribbon tied on the stick and #beegeewedding written on


Simple rose petals in a paper cone !

Simple rose petals placed in a paper cone πŸ™‚

Napkin rings

Using fancy ribbed wrapping paper I created rings and then printed a favourite quote of ours on them.

Quote says "Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairytale"

Photo is very low res, will try for a better pic soon.

Centre Pieces

Wine bottles dressed in tutu’s – chalk board table numbers – rose scented candles in a candle glass and rose petals on a mirror All added to a very simple yet charming look.

I love how the simplest of decor can transform into something so pretty!


I wrote the menu’s for each table on a chalkboard πŸ™‚

Chalk Board Menu

Message Cards

I put a message card on each table that I had made and printed. I also attached a pencil on each one.

We just Love loved reading the cards !! they are all going in the scrapbook!

Thank you Gifts

These were huge fun to make. I placed rock roses in a small glass with a name flag for each person and a thank you heart on the side. Then wrapped lace around for a girly effect.

Thank you Gifts also doubling up as table name cards


Home Made Photo Booth was set up. We built the frame and painted on it . I plan to hang the frame on a wall at home and put our favourite photo’s of the day inside πŸ™‚

I am waiting for the photo's still but this is what the frame looks like

Some of the props we had at the photobooth

Cake Goodness

The main cake was made and gifted to us by the wonderfully talented Cupcake lady and the cupcakes were made by CarmeliciousΒ  πŸ™‚

They were far too delicious for leftovers or doggy bags.. you must know!

Each side had a different layout.. πŸ™‚

Boy and Girl Cupcakes

Venue Decor

Some of the prettiness around us on the day πŸ™‚

Little tree under the Big Tree πŸ™‚

Getaway Car Decor

We had zero involvement in this.. lol!

Maid of honour up to no good!


So as you can see.. it was much DIY but oh so worth it as when it all came together!!

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the memories this time has brought together for us, from the papercuts, the exhaustive cries, the last minute running for more tape, the scratching of heads of how things are done and the final result.

If I could do it all over again? I wouldn’t change one single thing!

P.S. The Dress and Guy Clothes post is coming.. just want to get some more photo’s together for it πŸ™‚