of rings eternal..


beegeewedding – Rings

So rings, shew!! …. The decision surrounding rings can be a BIG one. Choosing a dress design was easier.

(But I will tell you about the dress next time 😉 )


  • Does he wear a ring?
  • What type of ring does she get?
  • What type of ring does he get?
  • Yellow gold, White Gold, titanium or tin foil?
  • Will it be engraved?
  • Why is so damn expensive?


After much deliberation we both agreed to wear simple gold bands. Yellow gold as it is more traditional and it will match my engagement ring which is gold with a pink sapphire and tiny diamonds alongside.

In truth we wanted our rings to be  simple circles, nothing too fancy but an eternal loop of love, trust and commitment.

However, we did add a little bit of fancy to it when we decided that not only will we engrave the wedding date on the inside but also engraved Mr on his and a Mrs on mine.

Mr & Mrs

We are extremely impressed and pleased with the result 🙂

It is EXACTLY what we wanted even though we had no idea at the start.

Will tell you about the DRESS!!! and man suits next… bbs.