Speed of life..


While hammering away yesterday at my keyboard, double checking, triple checking figures pumped up on energy drinks and panados as the end of the month madness pressures take hold of me I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom.

She permeated my very consciousness the whole day. I bbm’d my sussie and told her the weird urge of wanting to visit my mom  that I am overwhelmed with. She told me how she felt that way the day before.

I put it down to me being sick and just wanting my mom and left it. All the while still with the nagging feeling of longing and misplacement.

Last night my uncle contacts me to let me know that my Oom David passed away. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Suddenly it all feels weird.

I am thinking that the universe is stranger than any fiction written by man.

And even more importantly I am reminded that my mom is with me. She walks beside me, holds my hand when I need her and smiles when I smile. She never left. <3

The feeling I had yesterday was her spirit resonating not only in sadness for the family left behind but also in joy as her beloved brother joins her side in heaven.

RIP Oom David.

Gee my ma n groot drukkie en soentjie van ons asseblief.

Ek is baie seker julle twee sal saam nog baie kak aanjaag ..