Back @ it…


Kids came home very late last night from their holiday. But even in the dark shadows of my driveway I could tell instantly (as only a mother would i suppose) that one of them is now taller .. the other is fatter.  🙂 !!!

This pleases me hugely!

Hope they are all funned out because this is term 2 and the year is galloping on towards exams and for J it marks the end of highschool!

What I am hoping to avoid..

First term report cards come home on the 12th .. And depending on those results, we will ascertain how many privileges they will still enjoy for the rest of the year.

I really and truly hope they worked hard as I do not really want to have to punish them. It is not enjoyable for anyone (mostly me).

My ideal is that they go to school, study hard, eat well, bathe and brush often and do the dishes on rotation, the rest of the time they can do whatever makes them smile.

Not much really if you ask me.

But, if you ask them, they will swear that I am a slave driver trying to destroy their lives with unreasonable expectations. 😛

So probably best not to ask them.  oh, and if one of them comes up to you with sad panda eyes asking for a sock. Say NO!