Facing the Sun..


There will always be something, life is an unending series of episodes.

It starts before you are born, and continuous after your death.

We have HIGHLIGHTS, we have SORROW

The only constant is that it goes on. It keeps rolling on whether we like it to or not. There is no pause button, no rewind and no fast forward.

There will be history but these are for reflective purposes only. There is no editing what has been done, there is no erasing it either. There is only learning, accepting and moving on.

So we pick up our petticoats and roll up our sleeves and get ready to tackle the next item on our ToDo list as best we can and with as much humanity as possible.

We do make nervous jokes as we go along when times get tough. This is to help ease the awkwardness of our situations, but life is no joke. The hard knocks are not taps on our wrists, they are brutal and cause much pain and scarring.

Dont hide these scars, wear them with pride. They are battle scars and when the sun is shining , don your strappy top and show the world how you battled that beast and survived.

We are ultimately survivors of our own stories. No one is going to be able to walk in our shoes, battle our demons or live it for us.

So here is me, donning my strappy top and facing the sun, soaking up the rays. Accepting the past, embracing the future.