Forced Seperation…


I complain about the boys. They drive me nuts (Yes.. I will blame them for my nuttiness) and are for the most part attitude driven buzzflies.

I swear they were given to me just to see how far a person can be pushed before going completely insane.

But when they go away, I pine for them like a

Heartbroken  CareBear..!

Go figure.

You would think I would be used to it by now with the split holidays being done now for almost 7 years? But here I am at the start of the next holiday and panicking in advance as t:

  • “where they will be going?”,
  • “will they remember to put on their seat belts when they go somewhere?”,
  • “will there be supervision?”
  • “will they be fed properly?”
  • and of course my personal favourite “what if they forget about me?“.

I would prefer they were not aware of my paranoia but you and I both know that I battle to hide the madness from those two. They roll their eyes at me and pat me sympathetically and mutter “there-there”.. If I wasn’t fully aware of how fiercely they loved me, I would probably be insulted.

So hold me while I stare off after them as they go off to their paternal’s cave of disorganised chaos.


P.S.  Doesn’t help that arsefuk’s  current girlfriend is a know it all prima donna, but I will tell you more about her another time;) #staytuned