The hairyknuckle is moving again apparently, but from the sounds of things it is going to be a run and duck. She has probably overspent once again and needs to hide somewhere till the dust settles.

Believe it or not but I really despise that they are going through tough times,however I do believe t is her own fault as I am fully aware that she overspends and just signs up debt everywhere she can.

Credit is the worst evil in the world. Who can resist the easy temptation of spending money not yet earned? I personally am not as strong as all that, hence I do everything in my power to avoid it. The current financial demands are tough enough without adding an additional fire breather for my back.

Hopefully she will be able to pull through this without too much damage , as the last thing anyone wants is for the kids to be put in compromised positions due to debt collection.

Currently, we still wait to hear where she is moving to, and when. Requests for this information hav fallen on deaf ears for now and I half suspect she won’t be giving us that information at all as per previous moves.  She is crazy like that.

Why she persists to continue being crazy like that escapes me. Why not be reasonable and amicable?

Oh yes, I mock her. Never mind.