Crying for good reason…


Driving back to the office after the school run on friday I felt tears run down my cheeks. It took me by surprise as there wasn’t any reason to be sad, I wasn’t hurting in any way, to the contrary my heart was happy and physically I felt like a million bucks.

So why the tears?

These were tears of relief, joy and elation.  I was quietly ecstatic.

Having a child with ADD has not been a walk in the park. Since Grade 1 when he went from a montesorri environment to main stream school it became evident that he beats his drum at his own damn pace..and to his very own tune (if he can remember to beat the drum at all).

Now.. 12 years later he is in matric and he is a different boy. The changes started last year and continuous through to this year. He is constantly studying in his room, asking for tutorials, insistent on getting as much information as possible from all his teachers and has a PLAN.. yes.. AN ACTUAL PLAN to not only pass matric, but to get an exemption as well.

I wish I could take credit for him overcoming the obstacles of ADD and life but sadly I do believe that he has grown and matured into a functioning main streaming student despite me and my frustration.

My mom  was his saving grace in the early years, but since her passing I have tried to be patient (super difficult for me) and understanding (without ripping my hair out at the roots), but it has not been smooth sailing.

I love him  more than life itself, so when I saw the change, I smiled. But now that I am seeing the ACTION, I am e-freaking-lated!

Feel like doing a dance of joy in the middle of the road. And why? Because my boy has a plan and not only is he sticking to it but working it.

So this is me, saying to all those mom’s out there. That there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And that you may fuck up with your ADD/ADHD child but there is a chance that  one day they will stop, pick up their dirty towel, walk to the bathroom and hang it on the rail WITHOUT  first chatting to the cat, chasing a car or staring at the tv and ultimately dropping the towel in the garden.

I am by no means out of the woods, I still need to call him a zillion times to come eat, brush his teeth and and and.. the difference now is that I am pulling him away from his studies and not from a pc game or other mind numbing activity that ADD/ADHD children tend to be absorbed by.

The difference this time is that I finally see that everything will be alright, I have hope 🙂