VeeDay.. #38


This will be my 38th Valentine’s Day so far.

Let me tell you, Number 36 was unfuckingbelievable..  that was the one where my Big Geek, SexyG, proposed to moi. Asking if I will be his blushing, giggling bride. You can read more about that here.

In a few short months we shall consummate that promise we made to each other with much fan fair and balloons as we stand under our tree. See here.

Tonight is very low key. There are no gifts, there are no beeeg plans. Just a simple movie and much touchy-touchy. Just the way we like it.

Hope you have a lovely time with your <3 .

And if you are not currently in love.. put a nappy on a a random fat guy, call him CUPID and send him out with an arrow dipped in love potion #9 (love potion #10 may be a little overkill).Make sure you point him at a suitably well endowed billionaire 🙂

You are welcome 🙂