I am desperately attempting to NOT distract myself today but the focus<–she is just not happening.


Oh and petrol goes up tonight. As does deezil.

..again… It feels like it is always going up and up. If it was a penis I would be impressed. but since it is not, neither am I.

There will be the obligatory queue at the petrol station this evening and if I had money to fill my tank I would have joined the queue as well. But since I am not in a financial position to squander on such luxuries as a full tank of deeezil, I shall just drive past and mock.

Please Note: The mocking is for my own benefit as I secretly wish to join their tribe called “fulltank” but hence cannot. Just be happy I am not slashing tyres in my jealous rage.

Oh where was I? distraction. Yes. I am having a helluva time getting through my to do list which is now full of squiggles and doodlings and ..and…what on earth is that on my chair??

Alright. Bossman just walked in. maybe if I flash my boobs he won’t notice that I have not completed the invoicing?

*holds thumbs*