Yes, we laughed..


After all that she has done and said, she still feels compelled to act like a victim??


The Hairyknuckle was all indignant on Friday with SexyG. She felt it completely necessary to remind him that she too is getting married.. and when he laughed she lost her temper with him.

Saying how she could NEVER be friends with him or me.. uhm, we have enough friends and personally prefer to steer clear of lying destructive  frieslands.

Whining about how he is probably going to tell me about their convo and we will laugh at her expense and that she is soooo upset about my blog and the things I write about. Angry with him for not stopping me?!… *shocked face*.. I shit you not. Stop me from what? and Why? She is the perfect specimen of stupid.

This on the back of BLATANTLY lying to his face about sending him an email about school uniforms (lucky we save these things and shall send her a reminder tomorrow). Not slightly lie. BLATANTLY lie about ever sending it. #crazyshit

“Yes, we laughed about the crazy shit you spouted, Hairyknuckle. It was hilarious. You should have your own TV Show, just not sure it will be for the reasons you think it is for.”

We are happy she is getting married, hopefully she will be focusing her energy elsewhere for a while. The constant threats and tantrums from her is exhausting.

One thing that was made a certainty on Friday is that Hairyknuckle is a Fan of this here blog. Reads it with enthuasism and even saves snippits to really absorb at later stages. Just wish she wouldn’t be so shy and just comment. Feedback is oh so damn important when writing posts. Improvement can only be made with the correct feedback.

I truly hope she sees just how awful her actions are in the eyes of others. How her lies and manipulation are not going unchecked. And one day when the girls are all grown up they will start asking the really tough questions. They always do. And lying is not an option at that point. Truth cannot be manipulated forever.

I am not an angel, neither is SexyG. We could both try to force access and do some things differently. But we never said we were perfect. And we have never lied about our short comings. Because at the end of the road we travel there will be questions asked.

” Hairyknuckle, just so that we are COMPLETELY CLEAR, I am not your friend, probably never will be. But when we are around the kids, try behave in a civil fashion. Don’t antagonise and pull funny shit with me. I will take you down with my words and make you cry like the bully bitch that you are.”

Email me anytime, comment on my blog or just drop me a text if you feel that I have unjustly said anything. I am very cool like that and will always accommodate corrections if they need to be made.  However, I doubt that will happen. Because you and I both know the truth don’t we..;) You just don’t like the truth, you just cannot handle the truth.

So go cry on someone else shoulder, whine about me to your fiance. Send him on over here too. I am not afraid. Fear is for liars, fear is for fucktards who do hurtful things, Fear is yours.

Laughter on the other hand is ours, you can manipulate access, manipulate truth and cause chaos. But we can laugh at you. Because at the end of the day what else can we do with crazy people??